4 reasons your building firm needs construction job management software

Every building firm needs construction job management software. Every. Single. One. HBXL’s new software, BuildProjex, provides such a complete package that you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it!

The main aim of BuildProjex is to bring all the different parts of your building projects together in one place. By simplifying these aspects, you’ll notice the differences immediately. Suddenly more of your time will be freed up. Suddenly all the communication with clients and your team will be crystal clear. And suddenly you’ll be more organised than ever before!

BuildProjex streamlines and simplifies your construction jobs by helping you plan, track, manage and share your construction projects better, quicker and more easily. Those four key ways are explained further:


BuildProjex is an effective construction job management software on lots of levels. Firstly, it offers a lot of helpful ways to assist you in the planning of your jobs. The logical processes which BuildProjex offers are designed to minimise your workload and reduce your stress levels! One such planning tool is the Gantt chart feature, through which you can easily track the progress of your projects, and share this with the team so everyone’s on the same page.

Additionally, BuildProjex also features ‘to-do’ lists. Specific tasks can be assigned to individual team members, with set deadlines for each one. As the to-do list is linked to the build programme, it responds when updates are made. Furthermore, the calendar tool will also help you to plan effectively, as it can be shared with the whole team, making everyone aware of deadlines, meetings and anything else you choose to include. All of these useful features are accessed through BuildProjex’s ‘all projects dashboard’, as well as the ‘one project dashboard’, making it easy and straightforward to access these tools.


With BuildProjex on your side, you can check-in and track your projects whenever you want to. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your laptop, tablet or phone, you can track the latest updates. And if you can’t connect to wi-fi or haven’t got phone signal it’s no problem for BuildProjex. As the software is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access everything from the last time you used it.

As you’re able to keep track of your projects, BuildProjex makes sure your time keeping and scheduling is taken care of. This makes it easy to spot any potential problems which could slow things down, and allows your team to take action before delays become an issue.

BuildProjex removes the need for other tracking systems or paper-based methods. You don’t need to worry about costly errors or wasting valuable time that come with those outdated approaches.


Do you sometimes mislay paperwork? Are you sometimes disorganised? Well, help is here – BuildProjex has got you covered!

Managing all the different admin parts of a project in construction is tricky. Keeping on top of the various aspects is something that very few people master. With BuildProjex you can upload and manage all your latest project documents, which will mean there’ll be no more needless trips back to the office to get things!

Using BuildProjex also means there are no more excuses for anyone to use anything that’s out-of-date – whether that’s old drawings, quotations, work schedules or job specs. BuildProjex makes sure nothing’s left to chance – everyone who’s been invited to collaborate on a project receives notifications for upcoming deadlines for tasks. BuildProjex makes it so easy to manage your projects!


One of the ways BuildProjex will benefit you and your building firm is by making it very easy to collaborate with others. Being able to share your projects with your team and clients will change everything!

We understand that it’s not always possible to be in the same place, at the same time, as your clients. The ability to collaborate on a project from separate remote locations is an absolute game changer. No more needing to remind the guys about anything – everyone who you’ve invited will know the plan. That includes key dates, deadlines and meetings.

No need to worry – you choose and invite who the people you want to collaborate with on each project. You set the permissions so you’re always in control with who can see what, as well as who is able to share and make comments.

You’ve got the choice about whether to invite your clients to view the project. This can be an effective way of letting them stay fully informed, but without them needing to interfere by asking you for updates. You choose what’s visible to them, so you’re always in control.

So, what’s next…?

In the ever-changing construction landscape, it’s crucial to have a reliable construction job management software solution by your side. With BuildProjex, you can streamline and simplify many key operations of your construction project – from planning to tracking, to managing and sharing – as well as so much more!

BuildProjex is available on an easy annual subscription. The price is dependent on how many users you need and it comes with free updates and uncapped award-winning telephone, email and chat support for the first year.

You can trial BuildProjex free now – it will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make…