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What price can you put on efficiency, free time, happy customers…? Well it’s more cost-effective than you might think! BuildProjex will massively cut down on office admin, impress customers and help secure the profit you deserve! It’s an investment that pays for itself many times over.

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Don’t forget that throughout your subscription BuildProjex comes with FREE Coaching and uncapped help via telephone and Live Chat 9-5pm (Mon-Fri).

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Number of Users
5 Users10 Users15 Users
Check out the System Requirements
Annual Prepaid£949+VAT



No. of Authorised Users5 Members10 Members15 Members
No. of clients or subbies (Authorised Visitor)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
BuildProjex Features
All Projects Dashboard
Individual Project Dashboard
The Client's Dashboard
Gantt Chart
Tasks & To-do Lists
Notifications &
File Management
Centralised Messaging
File Management
Manage Change Requests & RFI's
User Permissions & Admin Controls
Sync with HBXL Software
Cloud Platform & Device Independent


An Authorised User is defined as those named employees, agents and independent contractors of the Subscriber who are authorised by the Subscriber to use the BuildProjex Services, as ‘Members’.

An Authorised Visitor is defined as those clients and subcontractors of a Subscriber given limited access by the Subscriber as ‘gueststo view information specified for their access by the User and respond to requests and upload information to BuildProjex, (who are not Authorised Users).

A Subscription to BuildProjex entitles named Authorised Users nominated by the Subscriber at any time to access and use BuildProjex up to the number of Authorised Users paid for by the Subscriber and authorised by HBXL. The Subscriber can reallocate their named Authorised Users at any time during their subscription. If the Subscriber requires more than the permitted number of Authorised Users to access and use BuildProjex at the same time, then it must purchase additional User Subscriptions.


BuildProjex is a modern web application.

As BuildProjex is a cloud-based solution it is device and operating system independent so you should be able to use it on your laptop, Mac, Chromebook, mobile phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet…including;
• Microsoft Edge
• Firefox
• Chrome
• Safari
• Safari iOS
• Opera
• Android Browser

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