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There’s never been a software product like BuildProjex before. Yes there are lots of project and job management tools out there. But not one is aimed specifically at the small to medium sized building firm working on extensions and new builds. This easy to use cloud-based platform makes working with others more efficient and deadlines more achievable.  Because BuildProjex is where successful projects happen.

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Altogether better construction project management.

BuildProjex. A construction job management software tool created by the UK’s leading developer of software for builders. Flexibility and control is the name of the game.  You can access your projects’ details on the sofa, in the van, on site… on holiday – using your Mac, laptop, tablet or iPhone. And you can also invite others to collaborate on specific projects – sharing drawings, updates, tasks completed, progress photos and much more. Work has never looked so good!

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Why BuildProjex is the Job Management solution you've been waiting for.

Any time any place anywhere

You could be at home, staff on site, the architect in the office - and everyone can lay hands on what they need. BuildProjex is in the cloud. Everyone has real-time access to the latest info.

Customers get better value

Tell a customer that they’ll have access to project updates online and they’ll appoint you before they’ve even had the quote! Of course they only get to see what you want them to see!

Info at everyone’s fingertips

You’re all on the same page…you, your staff, subbies, consultants and customers too. Everyone involved shares up-to-date project files, photos, messages, status updates, and much more.

Less risk of oversights and errors

'He said'. 'She said'. Important info risks getting lost in all the Post-it notes, texts, WhatsApp, emails... Now all messages go through BuildProjex under the relevant project.

Less sorting and more doing

The to-do lists go up on BuildProjex. Everyone can see what they have to do. No blurred lines. No confusion. Completed tasks get a tick. Overdue tasks get an alert. Everyone’s productive.

Much shorter admin time

Managing people and projects can be all consuming. Not so with BuildProjex. You can be in control and on top of business knowing you have the capacity now to do other things.

Your project teams all working together.

The boss

The boss

Juggling projects and people whilst running a building firm is stressful. With BuildProjex everything falls into place. One place.
The Team

The Team

How do you keep everyone productive? Help them stay organised. Then watch them do the tasks, tick them off and move on to the next task.
The Subbies

The Subbies

Subcontractors, architects, consultants… Keep them on their toes. Make it easy for them to give you feedback, and share updates and files.
The Customer

The Customer

A questioning and dithering customer is a stressful one. So give them just the right amount of access to their job online.

All the tools your team needs.

All Projects Dashboard

All your projects in one place – all in realtime. See the bigger picture with an overview of all the projects. Spot issues before they become problems.

One Project Dashboard

Everything is there. The Gantt chart, calendar and all files associated with the job. From here set tasks, check their status, monitor overdues and see what’s been completed.

Client's own portal

Impress clients with access to their own BuildProjex dashboard. They can check project status, progress photos and respond to your requests for information.

Simple File Management

Latest projects all in one place. No rushing back to your desk to find things!  And no excuse for anyone to use old drawings, specifications or schedules of work.

Easy to use Gantt Chart

Build Programmes for individual projects plus all projects combined. Track target progress versus actual so all of you are on the same page.

All important Calendar

Share the company or project specific calendar so everyone on the team (with the right permissions!) can see key dates, meetings and appointments.

Invaluable Task List

Assign tasks and keep track of what’s in progress and what’s overdue. You and your team can tick off what tasks they have completed as they go.

Memory-jogging Notifications

Everyone is busy. Nothing should be left to chance. Everyone receives reminder notifications for both upcoming and overdue tasks.

Centralised messaging

All your messages in one place. No more sifting through emails, texts, WhatsApp and Messenger to reply or find out who said what, when.

Integration with HBXL Software

Upload the documentation from your EstimatorXpress, PlansXpress and Health & Safety Xpress software tools directly to BuildProjex for seamless progress.

Simple user permissions

It couldn’t be easier. Set up your teams. Assign permissions (at your discretion of course) i.e who see’s what. You have ultimate control.

Cloud-based platform

Collaboration made easy. Accessible anywhere. And if you lose access to the internet on site, everything will be as you left it the last time you were online.

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Award Winning Software & Support.

Housebuilder Product Awards
Corporate Vision Technology Innovator Awards
Innovation & Excellence

What our team says.

If you want to run successful, profitable projects every time, you need BuildProjex! You can assign tasks to your team, subbies and clients and keep track of progress. You can share access to all the latest plans and documents with your team - and all of your communications are in one place so nothing falls through the gaps.
Olivia, HBXL
BuildProjex is a really smart tool bringing together people, sites, documents, tasks and deadlines to ensure projects complete on time. I love that everyone is on the same page.
Joanna, HBXL
BuildProjex brings the entire project together and keeps everyone moving towards successful completion. It’s great it can be accessed anywhere. Site, Home or Office.
Steven, HBXL

Upload documents from our other construction software tools.



Draft your building regulation plans and 3D models in PlansXpress, then upload your drawings to BuildProjex including your 'view ports' so everyone can access them.


Estimate your project costs in detail using award-winning EstimatorXpress, then upload your estimate, quotation, specifications and order schedules to BuildProjex.
Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Leave Health & Safety Xpert to sort the health and safety paperwork relevant to the project then simply upload to BuildProjex so your people have the documentation to hand at all times.


Generate the 'no-typing required' building contract for your client and subcontractors in ContractsXpert including Change Requests then upload the signed documents to BuildProjex.