We've been helping builders excel for over 20 years...

Twenty plus years in the business has taught us a thing or two. We've learnt that choosing software for your building business is right up there with taking on a new employee.

You have to get it right. You haven’t got time to waste.

You’ll be investing time showing them the ropes, you might have to pay for training. They need to fit in. The right attitude is crucial. Will they be reliable? Will they care? You don’t want to recruit a second time.

But surely software is all about computer programming? Not so. As important as the software is, you’re also going on a journey with a team of people.

Discover here why we’re worth the investment of your time and money.

We make complex straightforward

Our software has to work hard - not the user. Builders face some serious challenges so the software has to be up to the job. But, and this is really important, heavy-duty software needn’t be over-complicated. Not with us anyway. We create user-friendly, straightforward processes and tools to manage the powerful inner workings of the software.

We’re award-winners

…and we don’t mean from 10 years ago. And we can back up our claims with actual shiny awards! You don’t win accolades standing still. You have to keep pace with change. We’re recognised by experts in their field and our own customers for our innovation and progressive thinking.

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We’re hugely supportive

Imagine your employee becoming disinterested as soon as their three-month probation period has passed? Worse still, they basically switch off. Nightmare. We encourage our software users to get in touch with any question or issue whenever. We’ll listen to your suggestions. We’re interested in your business. We’re in this together.

Check out step-by-step buying process here

Training and resources

We’re by your side for as long as it takes. Our support section has handy videos, FAQs and Getting Started guides. We also provide training webinars. And you can always purchase additional training. It’s there if you need it.

See the resources that are available

We’re not just a cog in a wheel

BuildProjex is a product of HBXL Building Software, which is a limited company. The board is our board. We’re totally independent which brings numerous benefits. We can react fast. We abide by the same values we started the business with. And if we want to spring a short-notice discount we can. Happy days!

We have good credentials

HBXL has been an integral part of the construction industry for twenty years. Nearly 20,000 licenses across the UK equates to a lot of accurate quotations, loads of professional plan drawings, widespread good health and safety practice, lots of builders being paid on time…

We’re proudly a UK company

Our HQ is in the UK. We’re registered in the UK. The software is designed specifically for UK laws, planning, building regulations and HSE recommendations.

We come with good references

Just as you’d seek references for your new employee, you’re welcome to talk to our business partners, such as The Better Business Group who advise their builder clients on improving the profitability of their businesses, or the 1000s of builders who use HBXL software. Take a look at a few on our HBXL Trustpilot page.