Mission Statement

  • To ensure every software user is able to get the absolute best from their HBXL building software products by providing them with consistent, best-in-class support, by responding to, managing, resolving, and preventing problems efficiently; communicating cheerfully and effectively; and consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations.


  • To be our customers’ advocate and single point of contact for all building software support issues.
  • To strive for continuous improvement by measuring our performance against our customers’ expectations and industry standards.
  • To empower and educate our customers using a range of resources in a choice of formats.
  • To resolve the majority of customer calls during first call.


  • To respond rapidly and positively to all customer enquiries.
  • To take ownership of our customers’ problems until resolved to their satisfaction.
  • To understand the business of our customers in order to get them back to work as quickly as possible when they have a software problem or question.
  • To establish and maintain positive, long-term relationships with our customers through open communication, continuous feedback and accurate recording of any interaction.
  • To provide high-level customer service and technical expertise that consistently contributes to each customer’s happiness with both their products and the personal service they receive.

Support Services Hours

  • Technical Support is available 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays

Contacting Technical Support

  • You can contact Technical Support via a dedicated telephone line 0117 916 7899, our dedicated email address support@hbxl.co.ukor online chat via the website
  • Technical Support aims to answer all calls within 30 seconds, to acknowledge all chat requests within 30 seconds and acknowledge all Technical Support emails within 2 business hours.
  • If all Technical Support staff are already dealing with other customers, you will have the option to leave a voicemail message or use an alternative method of contact e.g. email or a chat note.
  • Technical Support will endeavour to acknowledge messages left on the answering machine, chat notes and support emails within 2 business hours.
  • Your call will be answered cheerfully as our Technical Support Team are keen to help you resolve your issue.
  • All problems reported to Technical Support are initially handled by a member of the Support Team who will work with you to identify and aim to solve the reported problem immediately using screen-sharing technology and/or online support resources where relevant.
  • If the problem is not resolved during the primary contact, the member of staff will provide an expectation of timescale for when they will receive an update from Technical Support. Technical Support may need to conduct further investigation or escalate it to another colleague where necessary. Technical Support staff will retain ownership of any issue that is not resolved at first call until you are fully satisfied with the solution provided.

Classification of Support Call Types           

Technical Support Calls are categorised as per the table below. Depending on the type of call, Technical Support will take the actions described:

HOW TO QUESTIONS? Customer requires assistance understanding how to use the software e.g. How do I ….? Can the software do….? Technical Support will demonstrate to the customer on the phone and using screen sharing technology and will refer customer to additional online help resources where relevant. Immediate
BUGS Software errors which have repercussions but do not render the whole system unusable Technical Support refer bug to Software Development Team. Software Development will incorporate a fix in the next scheduled software update. 30 days
OUTAGES Whole system unusable e.g. an application error which affects all or a large percentage of users and prevents software from functioning. Technical Support refer problem to Software Development Team for immediate attention. 24 hours
SUGGESTIONS Cosmetic issues / suggestions for improvements that do not inhibit functionality of customer’s software, such as correction of typos, layout, requests for new features etc. Technical Support refer bug to Software Development Team for consideration for inclusion in next scheduled software update. Rolling annual basis

Escalation Procedures

  • If your Technical Support issue cannot be resolved by the team member, the issue will be escalated to the Technical Support Manager passing on your details, a description of the problem, timeframe required for resolution and clear indication of who will be contacting the customer to close the issue.
  • If the Technical Support Manager is unable to resolve the issue, your issue will be escalated to the Technical Director or Software Development Director.
  • Our Technical Support Team are expected to take ownership of all issues reported to them and ensure that you are happy with the resolution and the service you have received.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the solution that Technical Support has provided, you may request their issue be escalated to a more senior member of staff as above.

Support Cost and Eligibility

  • Technical Support is available to all customers with an active Subscription to BuildProjex.

Maintenance, Updates & Bug Fixes

  • The Software Development Team are responsible for website maintenance, software updates and bug fixes which may be necessary to ensure all customers are able to enjoy continuously improving software and service.
  • Software Updates are only available to customers with an active Subscription to BuildProjex.
  • Customers with an active Subscription will be notified by email when a Software Update is available including instructions detailing how to install it if required.