Our HBXL support mission is to ensure each and every user is able to get the absolute best from their HBXL software products. No problem is too small. We will not rest (Mon-Fri 9-5) in providing consistent, best-in-class support. We will act rapidly to resolve any problems fast and prevent future issues arising, all with a genuine smile on our face. Effective. Consistent. Always there when you need us. You can call, leave a message, email or send a carrier pigeon so don't hesitate to contact us!


Tom is our Software Coach & Technical Specialist at HBXL and manages our team of Business Support Advisors who provide expert assistance both before and after purchase of our software. He is responsible for ensuring that each and every support call is answered promptly and in plain English to resolve users queries so they are back up and running in the shortest possible time.


Joe Walsh a.k.a. The heart of gold
An essential part of the TechXperts is Joe. Joe can't sleep at night unless he is sure that all HBXL users have adjusted well to the supersonic speed of the software. If you need some help on getting fighting fit with the software, Joe can assist you and also put you in touch with the rest of the Support Hero team. Everyone's best man and pub quiz partner.

Nikolay Pedakov, Customer Success Advisor

Nik works alongside Joe to solve any problems you might be having with your software. He also sets up onboarding, refreshers and software skills courses. He's here to help!


Jim has lots of construction experience having worked on site and now develops our software. Jim is the main author of PlansXpress and is essential to the updating of EstimatorXpress. Jim also heads up the Support Team, ensuring each and every customer gets the prompt, friendly and professional assistance they deserve.