What is BuildProjex?

BuildProjex is a job management tool which helps you manage the projects that you have on the go whether you’re at home, on site or at the office. It’s a cloud based application that’s device independent so you can check out your project’s status on your mobile, tablet or iPad, your laptop or MacBook.

Simply set up your project on BuildProjex and invite your Project Team to it – employees, subbies, consultants and clients. Importantly, with clever user permissions, you can determine what each user can see.

Once you’ve set up your project and team, you can then start adding tasks to the project, assigned to specific individuals, with your target completion dates. You can set up a Gantt chart so everyone knows the build program – and it can be updated as the job progresses. Set up a shared calendar so important meetings and decision points can be scheduled and communicated. Only people invited to the ‘event’ will see it in the calendar.

Once your project is up and running, all your messaging about the project is centralised with the onboard instant messaging. There’s also a secure file repository for all the project files, photos and PDFs. In this way, everyone is up to date with everything…the latest drawings, models, specifications, documents and build progress.

Keep everyone productive with reminder notifications for upcoming and overdue tasks. Don’t carry it all in your head… let BuildProjex do that for you.

You can also keep your clients happy with their own project dashboard, keeping them up to date with project progress via progress photos and a simple view of the project’s progress by phase. Or, if you fancy, let them see the full Gantt chart actual v target progress. You can also keep your client’s decision making moving forwards by assigning them RFI ‘tasks’ to do with return dates for their response.

On top of which you can upload your HBXL Building Software outputs – drawings, quotations, schedules of work, specifications, risk assessments, COSHH, Toolbox Talks and Method Statements etc.

So ditch the paperwork and go BuildProjex. Keep projects on track, profitable and safe. Download you free trial of BuildProjex now.